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We offer a variety of pool covers

  • Prospect Pool Products is a sister company of LIC Pool and specialized in Pool Covers of any kind.
  • The pool covers we offer are solar bubble floating cover, pin system safety covers, roll up station PVC covers (also automatic), sliding wood deck covers, aluminium & lamel automatic roll up covers.
  • Prices are estimates only and based on a 5 x 2,5 meter pool.

Pool Covers

Floating Solar Pool Cover

Floating Solar

Pin System Pool Cover

Pin System

The most secure pool cover on the market!

Rollup Station Pool Cover

Rollup Station

Automatic Rollup Station Pool Cover

Automatic Rollup Station

Pool Covers with Aluminium Frames

Pool Covers with Aluminium Frames

Easy covers to slide open with an Aluminium frame inside.

Automatic Aluminum Cover

Automatic Aluminum Cover